He’ll go to the “Ends of the Earth”

Dan Slott has been knocking it out of the park on Amazing Spider-Man for over a year now. He’s been making exciting changes to Spidey and his world, and telling some of the best stories the title has seen in years. Next month, Slott brings us the next major Spider-Man epic: “Ends of the Earth.”

Based on the teasers, we can expect a couple of exciting things in this story. First, we’ll see Spidey donning yet another new costume (the third new costume Peter Parker has created for himself since Slott became regular writer.)

I like the armored look. Like his previous new costumes, Peter will most likely need to create it for a specific need or purpose, so that tells us that he’s probably in for a seriously rough fight. In fact, he definitely is in for a rough fight, based on the second thing we can expect from “Ends of the Earth”: The Sinister Six.

The Sinister Six have been making a number of recent appearances, but it looks like they are finally about to make their big move. Doc Ock isn’t happy and he is most definitely planning something explosive and on a massive scale. Can’t wait!

“Ends of the Earth” begins in March with Amazing Spider-Man #682. Writer: Dan Slott. Pencils: Stefano Casellii. Colors: Frank Martin Jr.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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