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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #0

This week saw the release of the prologue issue to this year’s major Marvel event, Avengers vs. X-Men. Issue #0 features art by Frank Cho, and sets up all the pins to be knocked down when AvX-proper begins next week. AvX #0 is … Continue reading

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Boston Comic Con

The 2012 Boston Comic Con is now less than a month away. This will be my third time attending this particular convention, so I thought I’d recount my experience from my first year attending the BCC. My first Boston Comic … Continue reading

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Review: Captain America #9

Captain America has seen an unexpected change in tone since its numbering restarted 9 months ago, and then even more so when Steve McNiven finished as regular artist to make way for Alan Davis in issue #6. It is not … Continue reading

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The Dark Avengers Finale in New Avengers #23

At the end of this month, the Dark Avengers saga will finally come to an end in New Avengers #23. The New Avengers will fight their final battle against Norman Osborn and his new team of evil Avengers. Norman Osborn, … Continue reading

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Review: Fantastic Four #603

The Fantastic Four are my absolute favorite comic book characters of all time. That is why it pains me that the Fantastic Four ongoing series is currently one of my least favorite titles to read each month. Maybe I’m overcritical because … Continue reading

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