The Dark Avengers Finale in New Avengers #23

At the end of this month, the Dark Avengers saga will finally come to an end in New Avengers #23. The New Avengers will fight their final battle against Norman Osborn and his new team of evil Avengers.

Norman Osborn, after being incarcerated at The Raft for his crimes against humanity during the Dark Reign and Siege story lines, has escaped yet again. Having lost his original Dark Avengers team after their defeat at Asgard, Norman has put together an all-new team featuring his own villainous impostor-Avengers: Gorgon as Wolverine, Skaar as Hulk, Superia as Ms. Marvel, Barney Barton as Hawkeye, Ai Apaec as Spider-Man, Dr. June Covington as Scarlet Witch, and the now-destroyed Ragnarok as Thor. Although both the Avengers and the New Avengers have been dealing with Osborn and his newly-revived organization HAMMER the past few months, it is the New Avengers who have been receiving the head-on punishment from these new Dark Avengers.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis said in an interview about Osborn’s return, “[Norman Osborn and HAMMER come] with a pretty strong toy box of ways to deal with the Avengers. In ‘New Avengers,’ that same story is specifically oriented around Norman putting together his new team of Dark Avengers to punish the Avengers for what they’ve done to him. So ‘New Avengers’ is a revenge book and ‘Avengers’ is a political offensive. It’s almost like a revolution book for Norman. These stories are going on at the same time and affecting each other.”

Preview art by Mike Deodato for New Avengers #23:

At the end of New Avengers #22 we saw Skaar betray and attack his Dark Avengers teammates when he heard news of Captain America’s capture by Osborn. What does this mean for the New Avengers? Can they now count Skaar as an ally, or has he gone rogue? We’ll find out when New Avengers #23 hits the shelves March 28. Can’t wait, should be a good one.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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