Boston Comic Con

The 2012 Boston Comic Con is now less than a month away. This will be my third time attending this particular convention, so I thought I’d recount my experience from my first year attending the BCC.

My first Boston Comic Con was in 2010, with my friends Kyle and Matt. The most exciting thing about the convention that year was that Jim Lee was the guest of honor. For those who don’t know, Lee is one of the industry’s most popular artists, known for his work on X-Men and other titles in the 90’s, and his more recent work for DC, including art in Superman and Batman. He is the current penciller on the Justice League title, as well as co-publisher of DC. So that year at BCC I brought along my X-Men #1 as well as my girlfriend’s copy of Batman: Hush in hopes of getting them signed. I also brought my sketchpad in case of the unlikely event that I could get a sketch from him.

Getting into the convention spirit, me and the guys spent a lot of time posing with cosplayers and digging through the comic book boxes at the vendors tables. Finding cheap books is my favorite part of any comic convention, and I always fill my backpack to capacity. Much to my spine’s chagrin, BCC 2010 was no exception.

So, after getting an autograph from artist Joseph Michael Linsner, a little Spider-Woman doodle on my New Avengers #50 cover from artist Billy Tan, and a Poison Ivy sketch from inker Jack Purcell, it was time to get in line for Jim. We found out that he was indeed sketching, but only for the first 20 or 30 people in line. This was not us, of course. The line moved slow, but we waited it out, and got all of our books signed by the legend.

Day 2 at the Con was a little more relaxed. More time was spent taking pictures of cosplayers and finding sweet deals on books. We attended Jim Lee’s panel, where he answered a bunch of fan questions, which was awesome. Later on, we met actress Amber Benson, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, who was super cool, so that rocked. After that, it was time to hit the ol’ dusty trail.

BCC 2010 was a great time. This year’s show is shaping up to be awesome as well, with guests including Tim Sale, Alex Maleev, Skottie Young, and a bunch more. Here’s to BCC 2012 being as fun and successful as BCC 2010!

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