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Review: “Batman: The Dark Knight” #8

This title has been getting a lot of crap from critics since its inception; an opinion I very much disagreed with… until this issue. The Dark Knight has been centered around the creative prowess of David Finch since it began. … Continue reading

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Review: Secret Avengers #26

Writer Rick Remender has been doing some interesting things with the Secret Avengers title since he began his run in issue #22. Coming right off the “Descendants” story arc, issue #26 begins a brand new story: the Avengers vs X-Men tie-in. This … Continue reading

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Avengers vs X-Men #1 and #2

We’re 2 issues in to Avengers vs. X-Men now, and the battle’s in full swing. Issue #2 was released last Wednesday, and as I neglected to post my review of issue #1 when it was released about 3 weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Marvel’s The Avengers (no commas)

I have attempted to keep this blog on the topic of comic books. I therefore have yet to mention the very soon to be released Avengers movie in a post. The movie’s release date will very soon be upon us … Continue reading

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Boston Comic Con A-Z

Another year, another Boston Comic Con. Been spending this past week in preparation for the show tomorrow. Can’t wait! Definitely going to come home with a backpack full of books. Even some original art! Fortunately, I have been saving up … Continue reading

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Night of the Owls

So, this whole “Court of Owls” thing is a lot bigger than I had anticipated. Beginning yesterday in “Batman” #8, the story which has been developing since the New 52’s “Batman” #1 will spread across all the other Bat-books and Gotham … Continue reading

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Another Fantastic Four Costume Change

I still don’t like the black and white color scheme, but at least we’ve got the classic “4” logo back. A step in the right direction.

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