After a couple months of seeing the “Spider-Men” teaser, details on this project are finally coming to light.

“Spider-Men” is an upcoming 5-issue miniseries, and will mark the first direct crossover between the mainstream Marvel Universe (616) and the Ultimate Universe. The series will feature a team-up between Earth-616’s Spidey, Peter Parker; and the Utimate Universe’s brand new Spidey, Miles Morales. The original teaser is, as I suspected, a mash-up of the two characters’ respective spider-logos.

The series definitely has potential with writer Brian Bendis behind the wheel. I’m glad that it’s been chosen to come out now, for Spidey’s 50th Anniversary, and after Ultimate Peter Parker’s death. Although a meeting between 616 Peter and Ultimate Peter would be interesting, our mainstream Peter already has plenty of clones running around, and has met versions of himself from alternate universes many-a-time. Having him meet Miles Morales, who took over as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe after Ultimate Peter Parker’s death, will make for a much richer and more intriguing story.

What will cause this inter-universe meeting of Spider-Men is still not completely known, but there are sure to be some villains involved. Will we also see a team-up of two versions of a Spidey villain? The possibilities are literally endless, and exciting.

Spider-Men is a 5-issue limited series beginning in June. Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Sara Pichelli.

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