Comic Books: Windows to Another World

Comic books are my favorite story-telling medium. They allow you to fully enter a different world, giving you all the necessary details intended to be there by the creators, both visually and verbally, while still allowing your imagination to fill in some of the blanks. There are no bad actors in comics, as in television and movies; and there are no under-described characters or locations, as in literary novels. What you see is what is intended to be seen. However, you, as the reader, have the important job of bringing these images to life within your mind’s eye. This is where the imagination comes in. What exactly does Batman’s voice sound like? Or the Fantasticar, or Iron Man’s repulsor blasts? What do Spider-Man’s movements look like as he swings through the city, or fights with the Vulture? Yes, comic books present you with the visual representations of another world and the exciting characters who live there but it is you, the reader, who bring them to life. Comic books are windows into alternate universes; and that’s just part of the fun.

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